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      - Ephesians 4:10

Gun Cleaning

Gun Cleaning thumbnail Locations: Gary's Pawn & Gun - Columbus, Gary's Pawn & Gun - West Point

Part of proper firearms maintenance is proper cleaning on a regular basis as well as after firing. Come to Gary's Pawn & Gun for a thorough cleaning using top-of-the-line technology. Our cleaning process includes:

  • Completely disassembling gun
  • Providing ultrasonic and hand cleaning
  • Reassembling gun
  • Ensuring the firearm is properly lubricated

Any gun brought in that’s antique in nature will be hand cleaned due to the sensitivity of the wood furniture. In many instances, breaking down and removing the wood can result in cracking of the pieces and/or screws being stripped.

We clean all types of pistols, rifles, shotguns and tactical firearms. Ultrasonic technology is used to clean and lube firearms. Firearms are usually ready for pick up in a couple of business days.


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